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Case Study: Fun In The Son Community Engagement Digital Strategy + Social Media Marketing 


Fun in The Son Community Engagement (FITS) is an annual festival event held in the 12th District of the North East Bronx, New York. The event connects corporations, city officials, and faith communities with their surrounding community to celebrate the diverse cultures in the Bronx. The platform provides access to affordable housing, job creation opportunities, education, training, and youth empowerment programs. 


J. Carol Marketing was contracted to develop a fully integrated digital strategy for FITS. Our team started by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the event's current online presence, identifying gaps, and opportunities. We then developed a digital marketing plan that included an expanded social media platform, website redesign, and social media ad campaign.

To improve the social media platform, we created and optimized FITS profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We also started posting regularly and used targeted hashtags to increase visibility. Additionally, we engaged with other pages and accounts related to the Bronx community to gain followers and build relationships.

To increase the online reach of FITS, we implemented a social media ad campaign that included targeting specific demographics and interest groups. The ads focused on highlighting the event's benefits and the positive impact it has on the community.

Business Impact

FITS was facing the challenge of low social media engagement and a small following. The event had been running for almost a decade but was struggling to build an online presence, limiting their reach to potential attendees, sponsors, and donors. The event organizers were looking for a digital marketing agency to help them address these challenges and improve their online presence.


The results of the digital marketing campaign were impressive. Within a few months, FITS's social media following increased by 1,300%. The event organizers were able to engage with a broader audience and build stronger relationships with sponsors, donors, and community members. The social media ad campaign generated a significant increase in ticket sales and donations, resulting in more funding for the community programs and initiatives. The website redesign also improved user experience, leading to increased ticket sales and higher engagement rates. Overall, the digital marketing campaign helped FITS achieve its goals of increasing online visibility and community engagement.

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